Update The Stream

A tool for automating esports broadcast text and graphics. UDTS dynamically populates text files, images and videos to update overlays and visuals. All you have to do is press one button to mark who won, and boom – the stream is live. Perfect for small-medium broadcasters and colleges.


  • Elgato Stream Deck plugin
  • Web remote controller / API
  • Support for loading tournaments from Challonge/FACEIT
  • Team logos and hero graphics
  • Runs well with any size tournament (tested up to 256 participants)

Download + documentation:


A demo of v0.3-alpha.

An Easy Fix

A short twine game about being an engineer trying desperately to keep a live service game running.

The deadline for submitting your build for certification, and the leaderboards are broken.

Can you fix it in time? Or will you perish?

The Foldy Sheet

An outcome calculator for professional League of Legends. Uses binary trees to calculate every possible result of a split, including tiebreakers, and run automated analysis on it.

  • Who’s locked in for playoffs
  • Who’s eliminated
  • Who can still make it, and how many scenarios they can make it in
  • What needs to happen in order for a particular team to make it
  • Enter the potential results of unplayed future matches, and see how that would change things

Fantastic for esports outlets and broadcast alike. Requires Python + pipenv.


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