a forest

The Woman And The Gate

A parable about change without context. A woman was taking a walk through the forest when she came across a gate blocking her path. It stood four feet high, and from either side, a fence disappeared into th... More

Bitter Wolf

From the Journal of Lang Ku of Kugane, Sixth Astral Era, 1562. My name is Feng Lei. 冯磊, in the old script. After my family passed, there was nothing left to keep me at home. I bounced around various trad... More

An Easy Fix

You are an engineer at 40 More Servers Studios, makers of the hit online game Facebreaker. It's 10am on a Thursday. Any other week, this would be patch day, but today it's not. Instead, you... More
Mount Targon

The Ascent

Warning: if you don't watch LCS, or at least some form of professional League of Legends, this will not make any sense whatsoever. FADE IN EXT. LCS STUDIO, NIGHT The parking lot is silent. CHHOPSKY sits on t... More