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Editor-in-chief of esports media outlet dedicated to training new media talent in League of Legends, Overwatch, and PUBG coverage from 2017 to 2019. 175 articles over two years. Occasional contributor. Some of my favorites of my contributions:

Welcome To Wuhan – The 2017 World Championships

Legends Never Die: A lolesports historical
Hidden Tech: Fiddlesticks Is OP

And some of my favorite pieces from the site:

Katie Gripne – The Quiet of Mitch “UberShouts” Leslie: An interview with the OWL caster
Miles Yim – The Equalizer: Gold Funneling Comes to NA LCS
Sam Moore – Why 2019 should be the year of #IMGAY


Esports writer covering the League of Legends 2017 World Championships.

Additional Recaps: The Cheesy Chaos of Innovation – GAM takes down Fnatic

Beyond the Game: How SKT Walked Away with Win Over EDG


League of Legends coverage from the 2016 World Championships and the Intel Extreme Masters.

Why IEM Might Be The Most Important Esports Event On The Calendar
Don’t Call It An Upset
Crowdfunding Won’t Fix Everything
Interview with PvPStejos


Esporks Is Real: A meme project photoshopping sporks into League of Legends champion splash art.
The Ascent: Script for an intro video for the LCS that no-one asked for.
COF Gon’ Give It To Ya: An in-engine AMV recap of a match from the first CLASH tournament event.

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Writer, Editor, Photographer, Video Girl, Audio Engineer, Broadcast Producer. Esports Veteran. I play Gnar, AMA.

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