The Gaming Stadium Grand Opening (2019)

Caster, Host

TGS finally opened their venue – a massive in-person studio – and to kick it off, hosted a grudge match between the two top college teams: SFU and LBC.

Two teams playing LoL on stage at TGS.

Royal Never Give Up Fan Tournament (2018)

Broadcast producer, color caster, analyst

The Gaming Stadium Fortnite Fall Brawl (2018)

Broadcast Producer

TGS had not yet built their actual stadium, and contracted me to consult on their broadcast production setup. Ran a broadcast from a temporary location inside Net8 PC Bang in Richmond, BC, with the portable studio I’d previously built for RazerZone Open. POV for huge number of players aggregated via NDI, produced in vMix.

Somehow, six cameras, three lights, three tripods, three headsets, and two mics really does pack down to that.

V4 Futuresports Festival (2018)

Broadcast Producer, Analyst (English Broadcast, LoL)

Organized and produced official English-language broadcast for an international LoL event in Hungary. The VODs are lost to the sands of time, but it was extremely cool. At 14 hours, it is the longest and most grueling show I have ever done.

Christina “chhopsky” Pollock
Alex “MooshuBeef” Chan

Alexander “Opal” Archambault
Alex “MadMagical” Whieldon

Jimmy “Preacher” Fu
Jake “Hysterics” Osypenko

Alex “Bliss” Stinson
Stan “Greyhart” Barker

Nate “n8gallagher” Gallagher

Amanda “Sagegnosis” Stevens

Demacia Cup (LoL, LPL) (2018)

Executive Producer, Host, Color Caster, Analyst

Full English-language coverage including pre-show, with 10+ rotating remote casters.

Around The World In K/D/As (LoL, LPL) (2017-2018)

Executive Producer, Host, Color Caster, Analyst, Talent Development

Originally, the official English LPL broadcast only provided coverage for four of the six broadcast days. Worked with LPL English broadcast team to provide an English-language cast for two days a week for the 2017 season, as well as providing training for upcoming casters from six different countries. Several people trained on the show were hired for the official broadcast in 2018, and the show ended when I moved to Canada and no longer had a studio to broadcast from. Started out live, moved to an offline format where matches were casted overnight and recorded, then broadcast through an automated workflow that ran the show without any human control required.

LPL English Broadcast

Graphics Programming & Automation

After realizing the LPL casters were spending up to 30 hours a week photoshopping schedules, standings and stats graphics, I reverse-engineered Tencent’s QQ API, mapped the data, and wrote it into a graphics engine to custom-build their broadcast graphics on the fly. Contracted for 2017 split until the broadcast moved to China and had the data natively.

RazerZone Open (LoL, Overwatch) (2016-2018)

Executive Producer, Host, Color Caster.

Ran a full broadcast for biweekly tournaments run by Razer at RazerStore in San Francisco. Used as a training exercise to develop upcoming talent in casting, broadcast production and observer operation.

Footage compiled from various events including opening day celebration.

Zotac Cup (PUBG) (2018)

Contracted by Battlefy to broadcast a Zotac-sponsored PUBG tournament.

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