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Hotspawn Logitech Pro-XSteelSeries Apex Pro TKLSteelSeries Sensei 310 Proving Grounds I Tested Five Esports Mice So You Don't Have ToWhat Should I Buy To Stream With? Tomsguide A Gamer's Guide T... More
Mount Targon

The Ascent

Warning: if you don't watch LCS, or at least some form of professional League of Legends, this will not make any sense whatsoever. FADE IN EXT. LCS STUDIO, NIGHT The parking lot is silent. CHHOPSKY sits on t... More
a bunch of music equipment


Weekend Alarms - Staring At The Wake An experimental prog-punk band that mixes rockin' vibes with technical chops. nhac - Save Yours... More

Easy RTMP Relay with Nginx

If you've tried to set up an RTMP relay you know that it can be a giant pain in the ass. But if you don't want to compile from source, there's another option. Here's the easy way. Spin up an instance of Debi... More