How to stream Pokemon:Go with a laptop

Gotta Catch ‘Em All

Now that Pokemon have invaded our shores, we’ve got people trying to stream it from their houses.  It was worth a shot I guess.

Here’s a method that will let you go mobile and really show things out and about.

What you need:

  • A laptop
  • A lightning cable
  • A webcam


  • Headset or headphones + a lapel microphone (lavalier)
  • 2nd phone or tablet

The steps!

  1. Connect iPhone to laptop with lightning cable.
  2. Enable USB tethering on the phone.

    2016-07-12 15.25.32

  3. Configure OBS as per normal for your Twitch/Youtube channel.
  4. Configure your laptop to not shut down when the lid is closed.  In Windows this is under Power Plan.  On a Mac you can use NoSleep to do the same.

    ss (2016-07-12 at 03.31.25)

  5. Install an Airplay Mirroring receiver on your laptop.  I use AirServer but you can use LonelyScreen.
  6. Swipe up from the bottom of your phone screen and hit the Airplay button.

    2016-07-12 15.26.04

  7. Select your laptop from the list and click Mirroring.

    2016-07-12 15.26.14

  8. Add a Window Capture source to OBS for the AirServer (or LonelyScreen) window.  Now you’re capturing your phone screen.

    ss (2016-07-12 at 03.26.25)

  9. Plug the USB webcam into the laptop.  Add a Video Capture source in OBS for it.
  10. Mount the webcam where you want it to be.  I suggest on the brim of a hat, but you can improvise what you want.
  11. Plug your headphones into your phone or laptop.
  12. Go live in OBS.

    ss (2016-07-12 at 03.33.57)

You’re done!  Close the laptop, throw it in a backpack and off you go.  Be aware that many laptops will get quite hot so periodically check the laptop to see how it’s going.

Optional extras:

  • Use a lapel mic to get your voice audio.
  • A headset worn around your neck can also provide a better mic experience than the webcam’s mic.
  • Take a small clipboard and mount a second phone or tablet to it for a chat monitor
  • Stream directly from a second phone instead

Chhopsky collects f**king zubats, whether he wants to or not.  San Francisco has a Zubat problem, this ‘catch & release’ program is not working.

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