How to stream from your phone’s camera to Twitch

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While there are many ways to stream from a PC to Twitch, it’s nigh on impossible to find any resources on how to stream from your iOS or Android device.

You can actually stream to twitch from any RTMP-enabled video streaming program, including those running on mobile devices.  I use Live:Air Solo on iOS, or Broadcast Me on Android, which is available from iTunes and Google Play.

In order to make this happen, you need two things:

Take a look down the ingest server list and find one that’s physically close to you.  Grab the URL, copy it and paste it into a note on your phone.  Add a / at the end of app, so it looks like rtmp://

Then retrieve your stream key, copy it, and paste that onto the end of the URL.

You’ll now have a string that looks something like rtmp://

This is your RTMP target URL.  Open the app and configure your stream settings using this.  No username or password, just that as the destination.

Now jump back to the main app screen and hit Record.

Hooray, you’re live!  Note – this can’t be used to capture the screen of your device; this is specifically for broadcasting video from your camera.  This can be used for all sorts of things, like capturing table-top board games, interviews, or for other gaming-related content that doesn’t require a computer.

Congratulations, you’re now truly broadcasting mobile.

If Broadcast.Me isn’t working for you, and you’re on iOS you can also use Live:Air Solo which also supports creating custom overlays.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you use 2Factor Auth on twitch, do not log in to Live:Air Solo with your twitch username/password as this app DOES NOT SUPPORT 2FA!  Instead stream to a custom URL and use the URL above.

General settings:
Keyframe interval: 2s
Bitrate: Adaptive

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140 thoughts on “How to stream from your phone’s camera to Twitch

    1. Not using this method – the best way to do it would be to get the Lighting->HDMI connector and run that into a BlackMagic UltraStudio Mini Recorder!

      1. Yes, you can – we cover that in the ‘Stream Pokemon Go’ article! That however still requires Layer 2 (LAN) connectivity to your computer which is useless to you if you’re outside. The other caveat is that it won’t transport microphone audio – you’ll need to capture sound yourself, then use buffer delays to resynchronize the audio and video. They’ll never be exactly right but you should be able to get them close enough that no-one will care.

          1. Awesome, much appreciated. I updated to .104 but same result, so it’s not the update’s problem it seems.

  1. Hi, thank you for making this post. I followed the directions but I realized that using “broadcast me,” it uses an “rtmps://link…” instead of an “rtmp://link…” Is their any way to get around that?

      1. I see no small shield anywhere??
        I’ve downloaded the app and have mini tri-pods set up and all. I know this post is old but…

  2. is there anyway to broadcast from a phone as well as having a webcam streaming? like for creative, one for a facecam and one for a workstation cam?

    i have never streamed before and i’m ust trying to learn how to set things up so i can possibly stream at some point in the future, and i have my phone screen and might try and use a possible webcam screen also. if i use the phone screen though, i’d like to have overlays and things on it to make it look more professional. i’m not entirely sure i want a face cam as of yet though, so the webcam might just never be used…lol

    any tips and tricks would be awesome, thanks.

  3. Hi there, Im using a samsung galaxy S5 android version 5.0. It is linking perfect to my twitch and audio is coming through fine how ever i cant seem to get a picture. just a black screen on twitches end. I have checked camera permissions etc and all seem to be fine. Can you help?

      1. hey, I was having the black screen issue too and what was causing it was this:

        I installed a program that monitors my files and battery life and boosts the phone speed, well apparently apps that do that probably block your ability to broadcast the video….I uninstalled that app, this one for the android in particular was called GoSpeed . Also, make sure that your video setting on your Broadcast me App is set to the EXACT resolution of your camera, in this case my phone only did the 1280 setting, nothing above looked good, and nothing below that looked good so you have to experiment. Also, becuase my phone is crap ( samsung grand prime ) I had change the frame rate to about 15 and I set the video buffer to about 1000 now my twitch feed works great ! Good article by the way, thank you so much! – Thee Unthuz

        1. Thank you! Much appreciated, thanks for the extra info!

          Ahh, I was reading this going ‘uh oh this is a support request’ but no it’s a SUCCESS STORY *fistpump*

  4. Trying to set this up for my brother, It hasn’t worked, it says hes offline and every time we restart twitch the broadcaster app “stops streaming”, even though on twitch it doesn’t even show that he’s streaming.
    we’ve tried changing the fps, is there a certain way we have to have the other stuff set? We put the stream key in already, yet nothing seems to be working.

  5. Hey, I’ve had this app for a while but it hasn’t worked for me. I just haven’t had the heart to delete it in case it gets an update, but it still isn’t working. Unlike others, it isn’t even showing that I am streaming. I am using an iPhone 6s. Is there anything you can do to fix it?

    1. Hey,

      Do you get any error notifications back? Generally one of two things will happen – either it will time out and fail to connect, it will try to connect and fail because of incorrect settings, or it will work.

      Can you describe what you see? Or record it with a second phone or webcam for me to see?

      1. Hi. Appreciate your help on here. I am also using a iPhone 6s with the Broadcast Me app trying to stream to twitch but I just get the error “Coundn’t connect to stream at ‘rtmp://…”

        Most obvious thing would be incorrect URL/Streamkey and or using rtmp instead of rtmps, but I checked that several times and all looks correct.

  6. So I got the camera to broadcast, but everything is green on stream, and it shows the screen twice only at the top of the screen and nothing on the bottom, I also cannot seem to get the ps4 to start broadcasting the gameplay as well. I use a Samsung s4active, is it too old to do that?

  7. Hi! As i broadcast live it has a Orange filter when i look on my twitch stream. I messed around with the settings and nothing has worked…

    Please Help Me!

  8. If I’m using obs how do I connect my phone as a webcam? I can get it to show my game, but I don’t know what kind of scene or source to add since it’s basically connected through internet

  9. Hello! I am new to Twitch. I got it to work on my phone and it went live on my page but afterwards my twitch still said “no past broadcasts” and I don’t see any trace of what it filmed.Is that normal? I ask because I’d like to film our tabletop games. Is there a way to archive that video or is it strictly “Live” and gone?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Denice,

      This is exactly what I intended this for!

      You need to go into your twitch settings on the site and set it to archive past broadcasts, they won’t be saved by default.

      Please let me know what your channel name is so I can tune in and see the results!

  10. I tried this while streaming through the twitch app on my Xbox one. Couldn’t get it to work. Broadcast Me didn’t give me any error codes when I started recording. It all seemed fine but no camera image was showing up on my stream. Any suggestions? I know my stream key was correct. Do I need to start the stream first and then turn on the cam, or vice versa?

    1. Hi Steve,

      Sorry I think you’ve misunderstood the concept here – you can only stream from one source at once to a channel – this doesn’t add a cam to an existing broadcast so much as it /is/ the broadcast. Primarily people use this for streaming physical gaming content, creative or cooking etc.

      You can’t use this method to add a camera to your Xbox One stream.

  11. In a next update, can you add like a chat box? I got my stream to work, my only downfall is the chat not being able to be seen.. Please add it 🙂 I like this app a lot ! 🙂

    1. Hey,

      This isn’t actually my app! I tether an iPad Mini to the phone and run the Twitch app on there, in Chat Only mode as traditionally I’ve used this for board games where the camera is not really accessible to the players.

      This seems popular. I should write an app to do it properly. How much do you think an app like that would be worth?

      1. I’m just curious, when I stream on the broadcast me app, it lets me stream and then about 20 minutes into the stream it crashes. Is it something on my end ?

          1. Actually iOS. Everything is updated, I have my phone updated to the recent last update. But it happens consistently when I stream, it just stops in the middle of nowhere and I’d have to restart my stream over and over again. I have about 10-20 minutes in that range before it stops my stream. Do you know what may be the problem is ? If you want to see what I mean, my twitch channel is ; vegasboii702. You can check the past broadcasts and you’ll see 4 videos of me using the broadcast me app (the video length differences) . Also about the chat box, I wouldn’t paying extra for something like that.

  12. Great post. Thanks. I have the same problem with Broadcast Me – though found you googling that rather than Twitch. It was cutting out every 20-30 mins. Today it’s lasting 6 mins! No idea why. iOS too. Have deleted and reinstalled app. It’s still not working. Love to know what the problem is. Any ideas?

    1. This looks to be a common theme – there are other apps that can broadcast an RTMP stream from the camera that I investigated for this article, I’ll revisit my notes and make another recommendation. Thanks for your feedback!

  13. So will it only let you broadcast on your phone with just your face or can you be on your pc and also use this method for your cam for twitch?

  14. Question… I am looking at using the Live:Air to stream my Pokemon Go Adventures and play on my tablet.. My Ipad does not offer multi-tasking but I do have an Iwatch.. Is there anyway to monitor the Twitch Chat with the Iwatch / apple watch? I’ve been trying to find a way for days! Any help here would be best appreciated.. Or any other tips on how to do it? Currently only way I know how is to constantly switch back and forth from game to twitch app!

  15. This is on a tangent. Sorry idk where it goes. But… I would like to stream the building of equipment outside my house, and am trying to find the best way to do it. I plan on using I have 2 facecams plugged into the computer that will be outside with me. But any suggestions on how to get the cameras to reach me? Is there such a thing as usb extender device? If u get this, thanks in advance.

    1. you could broadcast straight from the phone using this technique, you can get USB extension cables but after ~20m they’re useless. you really shouldn’t use more than 5m but YMMV. There are other methods but it depends how much work you’re willing to invest :>

  16. How can I stream my PlayStation 4-screen and my face (picture in picture)? I got my personal key from twitch and did the steps you’re describing in this article but now I’m stuck 🙁

  17. Does this mean you can stream off of your game and then use your phone as a faceCam?


  18. Another thing, what apps should I download for the faceCam off of my iPhone for Twitch while I’m streaming off of my PS4?

    1. don’t stream off your PS4. once that stream goes out to twitch you can’t edit it. you need to capture your PS4 video in your house and overlay your face cam BEFORE sending it to twitch

  19. Hi,

    When I use the app my microphone echo’s and makes a screeching sound. I can’t really stream like this. Is there anything I can do to fix this? my mic works perfectly fine when recording normal video’s or calling.

    1. Sweet, great to hear it! So strange that with all the stuff I’ve written that this continues to be the most popular post ever.

      Thanks for letting me know, I love success stories 🙂

      Link to your stream if you feel like it!

  20. I want to stream to omegle, all I get is blank screen, and that is all they get, I have my phone (Android LG) Tethered by FoxFi to my PC would this work on omegle?

    1. ok. i need you to understand that what you are trying to do is not going to work because you’ve fundamentally misunderstood something about what this actually does.

      sorry friend, you should give up – this is not going to do what you want

  21. Ok this is for one on one streaming outside of a site as omegle a sort of do it yourself Skype (right), but I’m betting that I would have the same issues as with omegle because of very low bandwidth, at most 20 kb/s

    1. yeah but omegle needs an attached webcam the PC can interpret and this doesn’t do that

      sorry, i know you don’t understand but please give up, this doesn’t do what you want

    1. That’s weird. You’ve done something wrong in the setup or configuration perhaps? You’re not the only person to report that behaviour tho so perhaps its a common error.

  22. I streamed on android with broadcast me but it would not rotate even though I was in portrait mode on my phone any idea how to fix this?

  23. After reading all the comments I know this isn’t for like live streaming on ps4 for twitch while using phone as a face cam, is there not anyway to use my Samsung S7 active to use as a face cam tho for live streaming?! Ugh. Not wanting to post videos and put my face in it. I’m wanting to live stream on ps4 with a face cam, without having to buy a dumb ps4 made camera…… wtf…????

    1. you can, but you need to buy a capture card and do the broadcast from the PC. you can use your phone as a face cam using XSplit and NDI which is in another article


  24. So…I was wondering if when i’m out n about (I have loads of data)if there is anyway I can have my twitchalerts running so that it works in conjunction with my phone the way it would when streaming from my pc?

  25. Does not work, first time I went live nothing happened on twitch end, after that, everytime I enter URL it says invalid URL.

  26. App is working great just cant get it to stream in landscape. And as i read the comments above i noticed that ia an issue that some ppl are also having. Was wondering if anyone has figures out how to fix that yet.

  27. Can I use my iPad camera as a webcam substitute? The reason I ask is because my iPad has a better resolution than my webcam, or any webcam I can afford

  28. omg i read everythig on this post and i think u are freaking awesome . i see this postisa lil old so iamgonna see if u still around cause i got a qyestion, stupid one, nevertheless a question. lol

  29. This aps works well but can you give me an idea how broadcast camera and read twitch chat at same moment with same phone, sorty for my trash english ny phone is lenovo p90

  30. Hi,

    Firstly very informative article thank you very much. Secondly I’ve downloaded this for my iphone 6 (version 10.3.2- i updated today) I’ve managed to sign into my Twitch fine using the 2 part Authy. When i broadcast everything is black and i can’t see any camera feeds. Some help would be great.

    Best regards,

  31. i put the url in。 however when i tried to go live this error appears custom rtmp platform not set up。 do i have to fill up anythinf else?

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