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Overwatch League Patch – Now Live!

Welcome to the opening week of Overwatch League, heroes! The Overwatch League skins and player icons are now live for all regions in the Overwatch client for PC, Xbox, and PS4. All player icons of the team g... More

Longzhu sold to Chinese company Kingzone

Longzhu will officially be changing its name for the 2018 Spring Split, due to a change in ownership. Longzhu TV’s CEO plufriend broke the news: Translation: I wanted to wait a few days but it seems that... More

The Chiefs Esports Club – Year of Destiny?

Mitchell ‘Destiny’ Shaw has been playing professional League of Legends in the Oceanic Pro League since the first split of 2015 with barely any time off. He has shown on multiple occasions throughout his career... More

2018 LPL spring roster lock down

UPDATES New team: FPX/BLG/TOP/FPX ; Gone team: Newbee/IMay/DAN FanPlusX won the spot bidding official announcement(in Chinese) BSYY head coach transfer from DAN,veteran player&coach fro... More

All-Star 2017 Day 4: China Triumphant

Seven Barons. Eight broken inhibitors. 776 CS. 80 minutes of my life I won’t get back. Those are only some of the otherworldly numbers from Game 3 of Sunday’s All-Star 2017 final between the LPL and LMS All-... More