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Source: Karsa to join RNG in 2018?

Long time LMS star Hong "Karsa" Haoxuan made the decision to leave LMS region after his 4 years of serving in it. Karsa spent 3 years in Flash Wolves where he made his name internationally with his fierce jungl... More

Capcom Cup 2017 Rundown

The Capcom Pro Tour season will reach its climax this weekend as the Capcom Cup brings the world’s best Street Fighter V players to Anaheim, California. A field of thousands of players has been whittled down to... More

Rekkles wanted to move to LPL in 2018

For a league of legends pro who has been in the scene since 2012, Rekkles's transfer list is rather short comparing to most pros, he has been and will always been Fnatic's wonder boy to his fans, but this year,... More

Gnosis Knockout:
Drafting Deferred

Gnosis Knockout is a podcast where Amanda Stevens speaks on topics in esports, gaming, and pop culture. Sometimes she has guests, but usually it's a one woman show. This episode, Amanda and Unikrn's Chase "R... More