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Gnosis Knockout:
Drafting Deferred

Gnosis Knockout is a podcast where Amanda Stevens speaks on topics in esports, gaming, and pop culture. Sometimes she has guests, but usually it's a one woman show. This episode, Amanda and Unikrn's Chase "R... More

Get to know 2018 Demacia Cup

Tencent announced the schedule for the first Demacia Cup tournament earlier today. Demacia Cup What is Demacia Cup? Demacia Cup is a yearly tournament hosted by Tencent (League of Legends' Chinese operati... More

2018 Allstar LA Schedule Announced

Beijing time 4:00 pm, lolesports' weibo account published the schedule for 2018 allstar event, which will be held at LA's NALCS studio on Dec. 7th local time. For the full schedule(in Chinese), you can visit... More

Coach Homme & HooN
Leaving Team WE

Led by NAVER’s news piece (link) on Hoon exposing that he’s leaving Team WE and next year he will be looking for new adventure. Team WE decided to not hold their news any longer, and went on release the info th... More

Peanut Joins Longzhu For 2018

Broke off by founder of Longzhu TV - PLU Friend’s post on HuPu (a Chinese sports community app), a picture of Han “Peanut” Wangho in a Longzhu uniform: Credit: Tuwan Weibo Replies have gone wild and this pi... More